Secret Mail

Create an unlimited number of temporary email addresses which forward to your registered email. Use Secret Mail to hide your actual email address for services that require an email address to sign up and verify your account but for which you might just be testing. Temporary addresses work for 1 hour and then any mail to that address is gets dropped.

A valid email address is required after installing the app for both activation and email forwarding. Make sure to whitelist all email from to ensure your forwarded messages get delivered.

To use secret mail all you have to do is click one button and a temporary email addresses will be created and copied to your clipboard automatically. Use the paste function to paste the temporary address into a web page or any other application that is asking for an email address.


  • Temporary & Disposable Email
    Temporary & disposable email addresses that keep your real inbox clean and safe.
  • Security
    Privacy guaranteed, no ip address logging.
  • Supported Attachments
    We fully support any kind of file attachment in our inboxes.




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