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We begin by auditing and configuring your website, isolating any issues and identifying strengths and weaknesses. We then assist your brand in tag management and strategic data management, providing any code modifications to guarantee data accuracy.


Web analytics, CRM and ERP databases and data from sources like social media provide the foundation for our advanced reporting services. By integrating your existing systems, we extract data from multiple channels, providing you with deeper insight into your site’s performance and identifying your KPIs.


After collecting data across multiple sources, we identify the channels and campaigns attracting your most valuable, repeat customers by calculating ROI using both your customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value. We then translate this data into actionable insights.


We see what others can’t in your data. Combining rich data from Indition CRA and Google Analytics, we assist enterprises across all industries to understand their users’ behavioral patterns and to uncover new opportunities for conversion optimization.


With expertise in the leading web development technologies, our website developers provide the technical back-end programming necessary for creating complex, engaging websites and applications.

From forecasting and competitive analysis to attribution modeling and data architecture, Tagrem combines powerful technology and expertise to provide you the services you need to succeed.

  • Training
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Personalized User Experience
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Rich Customer Profiling
  • CRM/ERP Integrations
  • Consulting

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