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A leading eCommerce company, Shopify develops software and retail POS systems that enables you to create a store online, organize your products, customize your storefront, and integrate payment gateways, and track and respond to orders. Click here to get a FREE 14-Day trial to try out the software for yourself.

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CMS admin interface with blog, page, stats panel

Standard, customizable templates

Flexible layout of dynamic content

Inventory tracking

Key word tags

Track payment and shipping

eCommerce marketing services

Control over your website HTML and CSS

Easy to add, list, edit products

Drag and drop ordering of product images

3rd party fulfillment integrations

Realtime notifications for orders using Webhooks


We connect your Shopify platform to existing or outside systems in your eCommerce ecosystem without interruptions or set-backs.


Using CSS, Tagrem can turn your vision into reality and create fully customizable templates, landing pages, and forms so you are not limited to the included templates on Shopify’s platform.


Provide an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers on the go across all touchpoints with our Shopify app design and installation services.

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