Your customers are the backbone of your success. Tagrem provides exceptional, customized customer service solutions that compliment your business to drive revenue and provide insight into your customer relationships. As a part of our customer service offering, we also integrate additional technologies.


Tagrem provides superior fraud protection and payment management solutions so you won’t have to worry about payment failures or jeopardizing customer relationships. From major credit, debit, and private label cards to Paypal and alternative financing, we support several payment transaction types for both B2B and B2C commerce.


Tagrem will automate and consolidate your order management workflow, processing and fulfilling orders from multiple channels efficiently and cost-effectively, throughout the entire customer life cycle. From order inception and fraud detection to exchanges and processing returns, we have you covered.


As your company is evolving, changes will need to be made to product availability, pricing, quantity, and more. Tagrem provides total product catalog management to enable your end-customers, sales teams and channel partners to quickly search and locate your product and product features.


Email marketing is the least expensive and best way to improve the life-time value of each and every customer. From building templates for campaigns and testing functionality, to actual distribution and reporting, Tagrem can improve your email marketing response and conversion rates by optimizing the design, content and technology.

Operational intelligence

Accelerate your growth with real-time insight into user preferences, product usage, capacity constraints, inventory management, resource allocation, service utilization and much more.

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Benefits of choosing tagrem as your operations partner.

  • Integrate to logistics providers and fulfillment centers
  • Integrate to back-office, CRM, ERP and other IT systems
  • Proven eCommerce fulfillment and logistics strategies and concepts
  • Support high transaction volume with a scalable infrastructure
  • Process orders with efficiency and in real time
  • Have customer ordering information available 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Reduce fraud, theft, and security issues with a highly secure environment
  • Serve customers around the world efficiently and effectively

Industry Knowledge

When it comes to eCommerce, Tagrem does not discriminate. We provide customized operational services across multiple industries, helping both B2B and B2C companies overcome today’s challenges and transforming their business into an eCommerce powerhouse.

Technology Excellence

Utilizing leading enterprise platforms and applications, Tagrem integrates with your existing environment with no downtime or interruptions. We’ll ensure your entire eCommerce ecosystem is optimized and that you are leveraging your technology investment to it’s fullest potential.

Flexible and Scalable

Given the constantly evolving nature of the eCommerce industry, it’s important to select an agile partner who can implement changes and recommendations to constantly optimize your business. With our flexible and scalable operational solutions, integrate all of your systems and applications seamlessly without having to dedicate time and resources to do so

From reporting to financial re-authorization, to order splitting and return capabilities, we customize our operational services according to your needs.